Added by on 2016-10-31 This video will show you how to assemble and build the Eco Flo Cube Direct Top Feed hydroponics system. Direct Top Feed Systems are manufactured by Modular Hydro and are registard with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Hydroponics Greenhouse Tent and Drip Feed System SetupTop Feed Drip Hydroponics SystemDrip-n-Gro™ Dual Top Feed Grow System Assembly Video ~ HydroponicsTop Feed Drip HydroponicsCertified Organic Controlled Environment Hydroponics Has the Potential to Feed the WorldHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubes

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  • tuesday630 9 months ago

    So, these are no longer offered?

  • Mr DM 9 months ago

    Love your work Mate, thanks for sharing

  • Maurice de Ruiter 9 months ago

    Is that ring feeding the seedlings properly with water ? looks like it will flood down next to it ?

  • dev bachu 9 months ago

    xyou think if I check my pH with a tester can i still grow a good crop an not the ppm or ten total soluqble nutrient

  • dev bachu 9 months ago

    greatvivam a new starter an want eomthing simple

  • Adam Varga 9 months ago

    n'importe quoi ce kit… en fait si vous décidez de cultiver une centaines de plantes et de légumes diverses, il vous faudra une centaines de prise électrique ? plus le bruit et la consommation d'électricité… et le mieux dans le tout c'est que le mec a réussi a déposé un brevet sur un truc qui existe depuis que l'hydro existe… super révolutionnaire l'eau qui passe d'un bac a l'autre… et le coup de la pompe a air pour aquarium… je suis sûr qu'ils prennent des gars comme ça a la NASA…

  • Frank Cassianna 9 months ago

    Eco Flo DTF systems are sold online?

  • Matthew Bolton 9 months ago

    wouldnt non transparent containers work better, this way light doesnt get into the nutrient solution so algea doesnt grow???

  • beyaminvid 9 months ago

    good luck lots of al g growth i white rubbish cube
    n that

  • ariana kawana 9 months ago

    air injection technology lol.. you mean an air pump?

  • TheLitesol 9 months ago

    What about algae growth with those translucent containers…

  • P. Green 9 months ago

    Where do I buy one of these? I couldn't find them on the website!

  • 4all2seechannel 9 months ago

    should change it to black not clear white

  • ModularHydro 9 months ago

    @rafi1313, If you plan on growing out doors or where sunlight would directly hit the reservoir, we would recommend wrapping the reservoir with aluminum foil. This would help keep the unit cool as-well as algae free. You shouldn't have any problems with the systems growing indoors however.