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The weekend 14-15 November the Danish network organisation Omstilling Nu, together with the newspaper Dagbladet Information and Copenhagen Business School, hosted the conference Economy, People and Planet 2015 – Exploring Actions of Transition. The conference revolved around four topics: Exploring Complementary Currencies, Exploring Cooperatives, Exploring Local Food Production and Exploring Peer-to-Peer Dynamics. To explore the topic of local food production we had invited professor at Columbia University Dickson Despommier to talk about feeding the city through vertical farming. After his talk we caught him for an interview om his views on the challenges and opportunities for transition. Find more information about the conference and Omstilling Nu at our website: – and check more Omstilling Nu videos at:–0Bn5XHpw Filming & editing: Scandinavian Media Association ( & Omstilling Nu Any critics, comments, suggestions, ideas and questions are welcome and kindly appreciated, Merci Creative Common Attribution Non-profit Share alike version 2.0 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingDickson Despommier i wertykalne farmy w Nowym JorkuExpert views – Dickson Despommier on Urban Agriculture & Vertical Farming (full interview)Interview with Dickson DespommierVertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 5One more question for Dickson Despommier: What is vertical farming’s future?

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