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Green fodder is staple feed for Dairy Animals. Hydroponic fodder machines grow grass on racks and ideal for dairy management or dairy farmers with less land. Open Air Hydroponic fodder is a low cost version of Hydroponic Machine and is a good option for small land holding dairy farmers. There are many companies trying to sell hydroponic machines with air condition in India priced from 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs and beyond, which is a wasteful expenditure because the climate of India do not require such a machine and hydroponic fodder can be grown in open air very easily even by kids under shade and nets. Open air hydroponics or low cost hydroponics or cheap hydroponics are the same thing which try to reduce the cost of forage. It is very much necessary for the cow to get sunlight and get some exercise. Cows are known to jump in excitement when let out after a long while. The shed can be easily constructed from PVC pipes or bamboos & roof. Shade nets on the sides are optional to keep out birds. Once a day milking was the ancient Indian milking method and human way where equal quantities of the milk is shared with the cow / calf and us. For more information on cows and fodder quantity and seeds: For more extra information on Hydroponics fodder: Dairy Farming 01 – Its unhealthy to stall feed the cows: Dairy Farming 03 – Features of good Indian Cow – (Hindi subtitles) : Related PostsGovind Dairy Hydroponic fodder production low cost techniqueThe Farmer – Hydroponic Fodder and the Future of Farmingpoly house farming project in hindi part-1Indoor Dairy FarmingIntroduction to Hydroponic Fodder by Emaar Farm Technik, Navi MumbaiAll India Dairy Directory 2013 14

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