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►► ◄◄ LEARN HOW TO GROW A WONDERFUL VEGETABLE GARDEN IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD AND WITHOUT SPEND A LOT OF MONEY!!! Container Vegetable Gardening Container vegetable gardening is a great concept that will help people to do gardening even if they have a space constraint in their houses. Especially, those who live in apartments and condos will definitely find this concept highly useful. The best thing about this gardening is that you can have this garden anywhere inside your home. The only point you should ensure is to have a good ventilation and sunlight in the place you choose. The place should also be comfortable to work in. You should buy the containers of the right size so as to fit the space you choose. The containers that are already available with you can also be used. There are no hard and fast rules about the sizes of the containers. They should be of the right size to accommodate the plants you choose to grow in your container vegetable garden. The point that is being emphasized here is that the roots of the plants should be able to grow. The containers should not be very heavy because you may like to move them when there is a need. Drainage holes should be there along the sides slightly above the bottom. For improving the drainage, you should put a 1 inch layer of gravel in the bottom of the containers. The greatest advantage in container vegetable gardening is that the usual hassles that are associated with out-door gardening such as unfavorable weather conditions, soil-borne disease, and poor soil conditions are either not there or can easily be avoided in this. The plants that can be grown in such containers are eggplant, green onions, beans, etc. You can also grow peppers, […]

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  • Mohd Aradi (hamdeo) 1 year ago

    The Jolokia is pronounced B-O-H-T not Butt 

  • francis malca 1 year ago

    thats the 'shell' where the cocoa seeds came in

  • Tim Rock 1 year ago

    Do you submerge the avocado in water or the pit in the middle of the avocado?

  • Jeryl Jackson 1 year ago

    cocoa fruit cut in half with no SEEDS!:)

  • rocklife dubtep 1 year ago

    would you sell your mango trees

  • Regina Wade 1 year ago

    Brazilian Cacao Fruit (Theobroma grandiflorum)

  • Gustaf2 1 year ago

    Hi Ray great video. I had a couple of dutch red chilis last year and they did really well outside, but when I took them inside for overwintering, all kinds of pests invaded them. Why is this? Do the little creatures dwell in the soil or will they fly through an open window and settle on the plant?

  • Tammy Norton 1 year ago

    Ray your Fern is called the Black foot Fern one of my Favorites,

  • Reddy Greens 1 year ago

    Spidermites can be a real pain in the bum-bum. Are your methods ok to use on edible (or smokeable) plants? Thanks in advance for the advice, and keep on growin that life! :D

  • Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs 1 year ago

    Oh alright, well hey Ray I looked up that Pineapples really love acidic soil so I put some coffee in my soil. Do you think this is the right decision? I also heard you say that it is very nitrogenous so could it be used as a mild fertilizer? 

  • Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs 1 year ago


  • Shine Soe 1 year ago

    a coconut

  • WaNie262004 1 year ago

    or also know as "Tamarind"

  • WaNie262004 1 year ago

    at 4:26 , the leafs looks like a "Sampaloc Tree leafs". its a sweet/sour fruit from Philippines. i'm not really sure but it looks like it.

  • Frankie Spagnuolo 1 year ago

    half of a cocoa pod that has no seeds in it

  • MELISSA84008 1 year ago

    oh..right on w/ the pic @ the very end of ur vid!! 'Say NO! to GMO!!" ..( i'd love to use it …where would i find it?)……Monsanto SUCKS!!! ..i hope all who read this have watched the documetary called "The World According to Monsanto" A definate MUST watch!! (it's here on YT)

  • MELISSA84008 1 year ago

    Love the Datura 🙂 ..i actually saw one of these one day coming out of a store ,here in So. had seed i 'stole' one (shhh lol)..i didn't know what it was at the time..after a few hrs of research i found out it was a Purple Devils or Angels Trumpet Plant…ie: Datura …. I now have 9 plants.of which 3 have flowered and are just about to open..i can't wait to see them! …they sure are a thirsty plant…love ur vids btw . Thanx!

  • michelle ellis 1 year ago

    oh and I forgot to add half an onion a garlic tooth? and some cilantro (all raw) into the blender for the salsa and for all other mentiones uses… do try

  • michelle ellis 1 year ago

    tomatillo: or green tomatoe.. boil them on a pan in shallow water untill they change from green to brown ish (without the paper peel) though into blender with salt and a half table spoon of knor chicken broth powder or a cup of your famous chicken broth a couple of serrano peppers and use this for enchiladas or chicken or pork ribs (previous broiled and fried to get a nice crunch) you could also add purslane(verdolagas) or chard(acelgas) to the pork and sooo good or as sauce as above described

  • InvincibleRain 1 year ago

    Some advice, don't eat the belladonna greens or berries unless you want to see how powerful your mind is. You will think you are on a 2 day vacation but the whole time you were sitting on your bed in the dark throwing furniture around lol. Always fun. Other thing i was guessing kentucky coffee tree but they don't look quite like that when so young and yours doesn't look so tree-like.