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NOTE: The “blue” film you see here protects the reflective side of the panel and easily peels off after installation. A complete look at our Umbrella Reflector grow light kit. Plus easy to follow instructions on how to assemble the entire kit! Everything you need to grow plants indoors ► Social Media: Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► – Hydroponics – Grow Lights – Troy Michigan. HTGSupply is the best supplier for hydroponics supplies and grow lights for your indoor garden. HTG Supply has the largest selection and lowest prices in Michigan. Find a lower locally advertised price and we’ll beat it. Hundreds of Grow Lights in stock. Huge Nutrient selection in all sizes from small to huge. Organic gardening supplies. Seed starting and cloning. Every type of potting soil and grow medium in stock. Located at 3914 Rochester Avenue , Troy, MI 48083. We have growing experts on staff to help you with any question you may have. #hydroponics , #growlights Related PostsComplete Cool Hood Reflector Guide for Indoor Gardening | GrowAce 101Complete Cool Tube Reflector Kit Guide for Indoor GardeningCFL Grow Light Reviews for Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor GardeningFFXIV Flower Pots & Indoor Gardening GuideHydroponic Grow Light Kit Guide | Yield Lab Hydro Reviewdownload National Gardening Association Guide to Kids Gardening A Complete Guide for Teachers Parent

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  • Elliot Gordon 8 months ago

    ya he fucked up when he put it together . white side in , stoner moment .

  • Lee Edwin Chipps-Walton 8 months ago

    Bro, I'm pretty sure the white goes on the underside, not the blue.

  • CE Juson 8 months ago

    I thought the blue panels are for the outside, while the white panels are for the inside part of the umbrella.

  • Trina Buck 8 months ago

    so how well does blue spread light never seen that

  • Zachary Davis 8 months ago

    Great Store! Great Prices! Awesome People! only place i go for all my indoor gardening needs!