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Angelo Eliades shows how to grow fruit and veggies intensively in a small backyard forest garden using ecological principles and companion planting. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Gardens Australia – Urban Sustainable SolutionsPlanting Heirloom Apple Trees on the Small Farm – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 7Vegetable Gardening : Vegetable Garden Companion for Planting Bell Peppers“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningVegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Companion PlantingProductive Dryland School Garden in Australia

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  • Teresa Haw 1 year ago

    Hello, can  you provide a list of the plants?  thx

  • Come Hell or High Water Productions 1 year ago

    I am so hot right now… Blown away! My head is as full of ideas as his garden!
    240KG of food!!! Just beautiful. Poetry in (slow) motion! Wormwood uber alles!
    Can't wait to show my friends. Thank you Angelo, your passion and knowledge is beautiful to watch And inspiring!

    Where is this?

    "I have butterflies but no caterpillars" plus Raised eyebrow looking straight at camera = … Gangsta

  • cjlloyd53 1 year ago

    What I want are Australian natives that will do the same job as the exotics in the companion planting scheme. What to use instead of nasturtiums, tansy, wormwood etc. Any info on this would be appreciated.

  • Palm Horizon 1 year ago

    man that guy is a joy to listen to

  • jajajah86 1 year ago

    @ 2:26 I couldn't find any information based on what I thought he said. Could someone clarify the name of the plant he's talking about please.

  • Mr & Miss behave 1 year ago

    <—— newest SUB here! Thanks for the video its helpful.

  • Tracey Ashmore 1 year ago

    Thank you, such and inspiration, not only your gardena dn advice but the pure joy written all over your face.

  • maximus78028 1 year ago

    You can tell he loves his food garden, good job Sir.

  • California Garden Guy 1 year ago

    7:44 Erkayy! Love how green everything is, such a fun looking place to walk around

  • Country Living Experience 1 year ago

    Fantastic video. It was packed full of amazingly helpful information. Thank you.

  • Tessa Hudson 1 year ago

    Gawd,that is the most perfect garden i have ever seen!

  • Gk Dissanayake 1 year ago

    what a beautiful garden u

  • Jim Hervey 1 year ago

    Do the pest repellers also repel pollinators?

  • Daniel Ellis 1 year ago

    people if you wanna learn how to do this 7 layers then look up…. FOOD FORESTS , Geoff Lawton, Bill mollison, Jack Spirko establishing a food forest. then learn whats native perennial in your area and order your zone perennial seeds from or or i would go with and buy fruit trees all year long get mulch and cardboard for free and contact mushroom growers for compost or farms for manure then use comfrey herb to speed up your compost piles twice as fast, then turn frequently you will have free compost. direct sow plenty with good weed removal learn stratification and keep direct sowing and poting stratified seeds or seeds that need stratification life is shorttttt. get moving

  • SerJahPhoto 1 year ago


  • LoveThatChaCha Char 1 year ago

    I wish my garden could be healthy like that. I get all kinds of pests on my plants :(

  • charlotte stout 1 year ago

    You are living the dream, beauty, food & nature's creatures. Bless you & thanks for the beautiful tour. Hope you continue with the teaching videos.

  • ingrid s 1 year ago

    hi me again .also I have chickens that will dig the plants up as they r many fragile or my dogs will run all over it hard when u have pets that don't understand to keep out of or of the pants :(

  • ingrid s 1 year ago

    this is how I want my garden I have so many herbs I want in garden like you have but im not sure if they will survive in the ground in the heat we have  i wonder what the temp in yr area gets to im Mediterranean weather im guessing here in  wa Mandurah its on the coast high 30 early 40s through summer.i have 740 sq mtr block  im trying to fill I have about 20 fruit trees and more to go in but running out of space the area free for plants is a lot really and its all limestone and sandy here terrible soil it would take truck loads and truck loads to get decent soil and then I have to fight couch grass which is impossible .if you ever get bored and want to visit and show me  how to get my garden like yrs yr more than welcome lol I also have the scented geraniums like u do I have 4 varieties its a awesome area well done

  • Missy Rabbit 1 year ago

    this garden is insane! absolutely beautiful