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commercial aquaponics system Ask yourself, “What is aquaponics?” The simplest definition is that Marriage of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless of Plants) fish and plants together in an integrated system. Fish waste It provides a source of organic food for plants and plants growing availability A natural water filter fish live in. Third parties are microbes (Nitrifying bacteria) and red composting worms that develop in the culture medium. they Do the job of converting ammonia from fish waste first and then nitrites and nitrates and solids Fermi compost which is food for plants. In combining all of the benefits of aquaponics system benefit and eliminates the disadvantages of each The problems with traditional soil based gardening And weedsman with back problems The amount of water needed Soil insects Heavy drilling, bending, and back pressure Rabbits, raccoons and other pests 4 legs Need to know when to irrigate and fertilize the knowledge of when and how, and why the earth formation. These problems with hydroponics solved, but it has its own problems Traditional hydroponics systems are based on a careful application of the cost, Man Made from a mix of nutrients mixing chemicals, salts and trace elements materials. In aquaponics they are limited to feed the fish feeding fish food is expensive Mobile, and the cultivation of food crops themselves. It should be monitored carefully strength of this mixture, along with pH, ​​using M expensive. In aquaponic system carefully monitored during the first month, but after the establishment of a system you just need to check the pH and ammonia Weekly levels or if it seems confirmed your fish or plants. Water in aquatic systems must be emptied periodically, such as salts and Chemicals accumulate in water becomes toxic to plants. This is inconvenient and time-consuming nuisance, because this […]

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