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  • Andrius Manerskis 3 months ago

    how often u feeding your pots?

  • Rap Gawd 3 months ago

    use a trellis if your nugs are falling over

  • Jedi Mind Trick 3 months ago


    hey dude, dont take this as an insult but i can see you have signs of ph fluctuation stress….ive run coco for years and have found that if there isnt a good 10% to 15% run off drain to waste style with each feed cycle then you will encounter this often, the drain off gives the coco a well needed flush through to prevent over fertilization and to recalibrate the EC and especially the PH….also the base nutrient EC needs to be high enough to saturate the coco with buffers that help to keep the PH in check…..i find a base nutrient of 1 EC to 1.2 EC (not including the water EC) is the absolute lowest coco prefers to keep your babies healthy in the first 5 to 7 days after germination then after that a base nutrient EC of 1.3 to 1.5 (not including tap or RO wtaer ec) is the standard to allow the adequate buffers and nutrient ratios to access the root zone for healthy stable growth during veg and when flower is reached then a base nutrient EC not including tap water or RO water EC will want to be between 1.5 EC and 1.8 and thats not including the extra EC that any PK additives and such like will add to the overall EC again ot including the tapor RO wtaer EC…this may seem high for young plants but with the way coco holds and releases minerals and its tendency to want hold a natural PH of 7ish and the habit it has of holding onto magnesium, calcium, iron, pottasium, phosphorous and sulfur without releasing them until a much later stage in flower will make it clear that the above guidelines are followed, a 1 EC to 1.2 EC is actually the absolute lowest the base nutrient should be at the start of germination not including the tap water / RO watar EC READING, also if RO water is used cal mag is a must with coco as a back up buffer at half strength but i also like to use this even when tap water is used just to make sure…i like a low Nitrogen cal mag like general hydroponics CALiMAGic as it helps to avoid nitrogen toxicity unlike other calmags with higher nitrogen ratios which can often cause too much nitrogen output when combined with the nitrogen in the base nutrient used which can cause nitrogen toxicity especially at the recommended doses. CaliMAGic gives the buffer of the calcium, magnesium and iron with out the nitrogen toxicity ….i hope this helps dude and that i dont come across like a big head know it all…..ive learnt things from you about hydro so im trying to give a little back…..take it easy and thanks for the content….i hope this updated version helps many others.take it easy and stay groovy

  • Plunderfull plunder 3 months ago

    I always wondered what happened to the guitarist from Faith No More (sweet garden).

  • Rusty shackleford 3 months ago

    amazing stuff !! much love

  • t1000eg 3 months ago

    Great videos…..when you said 2 weeks of feeding then the flush, are you reducing it then flush ? if so what ppm we talking ? thanks for any replies

  • gr8budz865 3 months ago

    man im so jealous. im am unable to grow at this time. beautiful

  • Dee Couchlock 3 months ago

    what do you think about Fox Farm nutes?

  • dalton vickers 3 months ago

    cool video man. Great looking crop. Thanks for the video

  • should grow some ocean grown seeds

  • Jose Aldo 3 months ago

    Hey man love the flowering room setup has inspired me to do the same with my one room. Was wondering how many lights your were using along with wattage? Please and thank you for the information

  • 2strokeKX250 3 months ago

    oh my god are u trendyassdabbers son

  • Rock Weed 3 months ago

    how much do you know about Bud swelling??? What weeks do the swell start to occur???

  • Rock Weed 3 months ago

    how much do you know about bulking up on weight??

  • Rock Weed 3 months ago

    very nice very nice