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Video surveillance from a Chengdu Giant Panda research center captures the moment a panda didn’t want to let go of a zookeepers leg. The pictures show a zookeeper being pulled to the ground and trying to escape from the panda’s tight, cuddly grip. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLearn About Vegetables & Fruits for Children with Dr. Panda Veggie Garden Kids GamesDr. Panda Garden – Dr Panda’s Veggie Garden for KidsJust Kids Career Day CateringPreparedness University: Day 1Dwc hydroponic watermelon,cantaloupe, squash 6/12Natural-Organic Gardening & Landscaping Online Course

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  • Jose Mercado 4 months ago

    0 fucks given

  • simonlee498 4 months ago

    I tried this at my local park … I'm currently waiting for my trail

  • me. -_- 4 months ago

    like baby boss

  • Rebekahlloll Zhang 4 months ago

    ahahaha the way it runs

  • Lali Jatt 4 months ago

    when I watch kind this video then I wonder I want to become zookeeper. they can love and play with any animal. this is a cool job

  • TheCoomar007 4 months ago

    am i gay for keep on watching cute panda videos?

  • Abhiksha Priyam Boruah 4 months ago

    This lady is so lucky…pandas are so adorable!

  • Deepanker Tamang 4 months ago

    That 116-people must be a member of ISIS, Who Votet-down for this video….

  • cracken lord 4 months ago

    I'll bet all workers here can't wait to starts their morning shift everyday…

  • SalN ctsal 4 months ago

    I want to ask something,the panda is type of wild animal?yes or no??

  • mellow1198 4 months ago

    aghhh!!! so cute!!! I wish I have one!

  • Evon Williams 4 months ago

    poor mommy come play with us so funny

  • Georgie V 4 months ago

    "Hey, where are you go'en???

  • Basic Gyaan 4 months ago

    This is only job in world, for whos a person can pay.

  • Mctwisp Rabbit 4 months ago

    why are pandas so clingy? XD

  • Ammunu Vini 4 months ago

    How sweet….. Look at the way they holding on to her legs…. So loveable they are

  • Yata Misaki 4 months ago

    I would have never left those pandas…. I would have played with them