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The panelists at the June 12 CEF meeting will discuss what can be done to help China move towards a more market-oriented electricity system without making pollution and water quality worse. Mun Ho (Resources for the Future) will open up the panel reviewing the challenges power grid reforms have faced in China, particularly around power dispatch. While Chris James (Regulatory Assistance Project/RAP) will talk about the potential solutions to promote green electricity dispatch in China. As the United States went through a similar transition to market-based electricity systems starting in the mid-1990s, perspectives of a state regulator are important. Eleanor Stein (Albany Law School) will discuss New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision process, and whether principles and concepts from that process might be considered for China. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOff grid solar homestead, why Oregon is green.Toggle Green Grid Would Be GreatPros and Cons of Wind PowerPopular Videos – Wind power & WindmillChina’s Green Roof Revolution | A China Icons VideoThe Viara Academy Solar Power & Hydrophonics Garden Project

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