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Twenty six day seedling time lapse in a small grow tent. The Auto-Flower Jack Herers will be bloomed in the tent and the feminized Himalayan Golds will be grown into moms and cloned elsewhere. Come on down and visit us in Peterborough! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTransfering Seedlings from Rockwool to Hydroponic SystemHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHydroponic cherry tomatoes – Seedlings just in!SEEDLINGS IN HYDROPONIC SETUP!DWC Organic Hydroponic Cannabis Week: 0Transplanting Clones into Rockwool Cubes | How to grow hydroponic weed | Grow Marijuana

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  • I was told to add coco coir or some sort of medium at one point did you? Bc it only seemed like you went from one Rock wool to a bigger one?

  • Peter G 8 months ago

    cool music

  • isaias posadas 8 months ago

    wasting time bro try deep water and nutrients big difference

  • JTSD2DA503 8 months ago

    what is it exactly that you use to stop the age on your hydro cubes

  • Keeks 8 months ago

    Why does it take u so long

  • Brizzy10180 8 months ago

    Good quality picture and angles. Simple yet instructive. Great display of setup and process. Definitely one of the best I've seen so far. I've been looking for videos and examples and this was perfect. Awesome video and thanks :)

  • Gordons Frīmens 8 months ago

    how long and how ofen is IWS hydroponics system feed? Thank you.

  • Arcadio Munoz 8 months ago

    Indoor hydroponics is supposed to be about vigor and speed. What were you doing there? I've seen plants grow faster out of cracked cement outdoors in winter

  • Chase Bell 8 months ago

    to each their own but man 30 days wasted in my book. i have plants 2 feet tall and bushy as hell in just 36. im about to flip and you still have seedling? whats the deal??

  • steve0h blades 8 months ago

    quit fingering ur plants please

  • Jonathan Macedo 8 months ago

    Nice work

  • Ludwig Van Zappa 8 months ago

    Thanks for that music dude !

  • Florian Werquin 8 months ago

    noob!!! ;)

  • Peterborough Hydroponics 8 months ago

    Hey all, controlling humidity is difficult in a tent. Dehumidifier just outside the tent, plus two fans on a TV1 Grozone Controller. Humidity during grow 55 – 70%. Humidity during bloom 25 – 40%. Using 4"x4"x2.5" Grodan Cubes -double stacked. Watering once a day after day 19. Very important to water cubes thoroughly and let evaporate until they are nearly dry. Weighing a fully soaked cube can help to understand how much water they can hold. Water once the cube has lost 3/4 of its water weight. More videos to come, love the questions!

  • Johnnie Passmore 8 months ago

    What size cubes are you using

  • godcreaated gg 8 months ago

    How you raise, lower and control humidity inside griw tent? @peterborough hydroponics

  • Mortality Growth 8 months ago

    How often did you water it after day 19 ?

  • Rafa Cana 8 months ago

    take off the plastic from sides, four inch rule, thank me later

  • charles nokes 8 months ago