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Good soil means everything for a gardener looking to raise healthy, happy plants. While there are certainly countless chemicals and egg expensive solutions, there are actually many simple things you can do to boost nutrients and maintain a successful garden. Curious to learn more? In this video I’ll show you 6 ways to make any type of soil enrich with nutrients naturally after which you’ll never feel the need to buy those expensive chemical fertilizers. 1. Raw Egg The solution for a thriving plant may be as simple as planting a raw egg. As you prepare your pots with soil, simply include a single raw egg at the bottom. Over time, the egg will decompose and works as a natural fertilizer for the seedlings.  You can also use crushed eggshells which work just as good as whole egg. Eggshell has calcium, nitrogen and phosphoric acid which make them an ideal choice for garden use. So next time you boil or fry an egg don’t throw away the egg shell but instead Recycle them to grow seedlings. When the seedling is ready to be planted outside, place the shell and seedling directly in the ground. The eggshell will decompose over time and help fertilize the soil. 2. Banana Skins Bananas contain a number of nutrients including potassium, phosphate, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and sodium. All of these things can help promote healthy growing for plants. best way to effectively use banana peels is to cut them up into small pieces so that they can decompose faster. This will result in organic matter that helps establish rich soil 3. Ash If you have a fireplace, you’ll love this free method for raising pH levels.   you simply scatter the ash around the soil as a way to lower acidic levels. This will make it easier […]

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  • Anna Banana 2 months ago

    Not everything burned in a fireplace and yields ash should go into the garden. Newspaper ink and other printed media that burns leaves toxic residue in the ash that shouldn't go into produce gardens; same with certain chemically treated/sourced products like log starters. If it isn't untreated, all natural to start with, reconsider adding ashes to the garden.

  • Ann Marie De Marco 2 months ago

    I was just as curious as anyone else. I know about composting scraps from the kitchen, however, why in hell would i waste a whole egg when i can use the egg yolk and white and just use the shell pieces for composting! I'll remember to smack my self when i become curious again!

  • tim p 2 months ago

    A lot of good tips,but that women's voice is irritating ,like chalk on a board,bloody awful,

  • YouMei Lim 2 months ago

    i thought that a chick will pop up

  • Ewan Bradbury 2 months ago

    Does it grow a chicken?

  • Solder Joe 2 months ago

    Salting your garden will discourage all the good critters from your soil and stop your plants from growing. It does not easily wash away. Even historical texts tell of armies razing the town and crops and salting the earth SO NOTHING WILL GROW THERE AGAIN.

  • Artofficial 2 months ago

    so that's why my dealer said it was that "egg weed"

  • GoryTarrafa 2 months ago

    Forget the most common one? … feces ^_^

  • Roobz Z 2 months ago

    A note of caution on #3 for anyone reading this: pure, untreated wood/other plant material ash (the only kind you should ever use) will raise the PH of your soil to unhealthily alkaline levels if you add too much, and it is easy to overdo. It is better to throw ash into your compost. Also, do NOT use ash from pressure/chemical treated wood, as it will poison your soil, and MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT USE ASH FROM COAL. THAT WILL POISON YOUR SOIL WITH HEAVY METALS LIKE MERCURY AND ARSENIC AND RUIN IT FOREVER.

  • Jessica Hisle 2 months ago

    Very disappointed in this video! Thought it would turn into a chicken. All in all 0/10 on this video!

  • Eric Yang 2 months ago

    Egg shells works best in this video, or whole eggs.
    Bannana skins also work really well!

  • Rhiannon Deegan 2 months ago

    startling, fertilizer exists

  • Tammy Barnes 2 months ago


  • Rodger Kermeen 2 months ago


  • bluesideup007 2 months ago

    Don't use BBQ briquette ash! Wherever this has spilled from my Weber grill, nothing has grown for years. (Plain wood ash is OK, just realize that it's highly alkaline when mixed with water, so use sparingly)

  • Tudor Renegade 2 months ago

    If this is the first time you are visiting this channel, then you HAVE to fight !

  • TheAlphasker 2 months ago

    100% fecal matter far me yawL….

  • Dennis Bautista 2 months ago

    I tried this in my garden, I have an egg plant now.

  • Chris Cullen 2 months ago

    I buried my granny in the garden and I got into a peck of trouble, tell ya what !