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Build a Cattle Panel Garden Trellis Using a simple cattle panel from TSC, and my cutting torch, I built a quick and simple garden trellis. Be advised this is not a super strong trellis, as it can rock side to side. It may not be the best long term solution, but will certainly work to run some peas or pole beans up. Something heavier like squash may require more bracing for a stronger trellis. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCattle Panel Trellis For My Spaghetti SquashHow to build a garden trellis CHEAP!!!2015 SFG – How to Build a Trellis to aid vertical gardening – Square Foot GardenHow to Build an Trellis using Electrical Conduit Simple and CheapHow to Build a Monster Garden Trellis to Grow Kakai Pumpkins VerticallyHow to Build A Metal Conduit Garden Trellis for Vertical Growing & Hand Made Nylon Netting

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