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Common Name: Katydid Order: Orthoptera Family: Tettigonidae Pest Status: Katydids are very minor pests that feed on leaves and make a loud, irritating noise during the evening hours. Appearance: Adults range in size from 1¼ to 5 inches long. Most katydids are green with leaf-shaped wings that are held roof-like over their bodies. They have the general shape of grasshoppers with antennae usually longer than their bodies and large hind legs. Life Cycle: Females lay gray, oval, flat eggs in leaves where they feed. Nymphs appear in late spring and require two to three months to mature. There is one generation per year. Where to Collect: Katydids are found in trees and on other plants in grassland areas and forests. They are particularly attracted to light sources ~~ & ~ Thanks for watching! ~~~ Thumbs up and share, please. ~~~~ Truth, Peace, Freedom & Love2ALL James DSCF0372 Video Rating: / 5 Udemy Six Sigma courses – Get 25% off with coupon code: Youtube25 Six Sigma White Belt – Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Six Sigma Green Belt – Basic Statistics – Advanced Statistics with Minitab 17 – ISO 9001:2015 Transition Training – ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course – ISO 9001:2008 Implementation – Introduction to Quality Management – Introduction to Risk Management – Get you best deals on Quality Management courses. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUrban Organics Aquaponics Doesn’t Use Raw Fish Poop as FertilizerWhat is WIGWAM? What does WIGWAM mean? WIGWAM meaning, definition & explanationYoung Gully – Definition Of GasTaking food to new heights: Inside a vertical farmGrowing Roots – This Farmer Is Taking Root On Your Rooftops // Discovery on ViddseeTaking Plants from Soil to Hydroponic (DWC) for Overwintering

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  • JAMiSStyx Games 10 months ago

    What a cool looking bug!
    Funny he crapped on you, well not on you.
    You know what I

  • Come Visit Waikiki 10 months ago

    i could see how big it was thanks to your hand…..the young girl better wise up or she will wind up in trouble, i hope her parents know. yikes…good sunflowers

  • SSArt98 10 months ago

    @Friendtard Long time no see!
    Could've had better video if I wasn't interrupted by the young panhandler coming up to a completely unknown stranger(s) asking for cell phone money!
    For some reason can't reply to you on here directly so I'm doing it this way and sending you the link so yo know I replied.
    Hope all is well?

  • FRIENDTARD 10 months ago

    Hi!!! Loved seeing your video my dear sweet old friend! HUGS

  • Sudhanshu Pandey 10 months ago

    Nice explanation !! Thanks

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    Best explanation I've seen. Very detailed. Thank you!.

  • sierra tango 10 months ago

    This was really helpful! Thank you.

  • DEEPAK SHARMA 10 months ago

    best video seen on QFD !!

  • nishant kumar 10 months ago

    how can we calculate hurdle?

  • Divyansh Gupta 10 months ago

    excellent tutorial!

  • Hanifah Djibran 10 months ago

    How about the percent?
    btw thank you for the explanation.

  • Rick “ARMLOCK” McGhee 10 months ago

    Perfect – thank you!

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    Very good

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    Superb explanation!

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    Great help: quick and clear. Thanks!