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Planting our seeds for the upcoming gardening season and discussion of the benefits of planting your own garden. Is anyone interested in a give away of organic seeds and crystals? Video Rating: / 5 Physical activity is any movement of the body that results in an increase in energy expenditure compared to the body at rest. Gardens offer ample opportunity for children and parents alike to enjoy physical activity outdoors. While physical activity in the garden is still being researched and measured, we know of the following five physical benefits of gardening: Gardens encourage the body to build muscle volume and muscle strength. From pushing a wheelbarrow to pulling weeds, gardening forces muscles to do work. Typically this work is performed by multiple muscle groups working together to complete the task. This is different from weight lifting in the gym, which tends to single out specific muscles in a single movement. Gardening helps kids develop physically by encourage strength and muscle growth through fun activities. In gardening, they can get a total body strength workout in one single activity. The best part is, your kids won’t even know they are doing work! Gardening can put a child on the path to healthy eating. Gardening offers children the opportunity to “play” with their food and take care of it. For most children, it takes seven to ten positive experiences with a food before they will try and like a food. Gardening helps create these positive experiences which will put your child on the right path to eating healthy. Eating healthy, along with the physical activity from gardening will help your child maintain a healthy weight. Gardening keeps children moving and using more energy than unhealthy habits such as sitting on the computer, watching television, playing video games or eating unhealthy snacks. […]

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