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JCCC 5th Annual Horticultural Sciences Day Innovations, Trends and Challenges in 21st Century Horticulture Friday, Feb. 20, 2015 1. Career fair and networking opportunities at JCCC Related PostsJust Kids Career Day CateringHorticulture: A Career to be Proud OfJust Kids Career Day Dr.TrippJust Kids Career DayMore than work: Tokyo office grows own food in vertical farmBYE BYE to traditional outdoor farming as new indoor farm is 100 times more productive than fields!

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  • Hunter The Redneck 1 year ago

    Ever hear of a capture card for 3DS? I hear they really improve the quality of your videos. ?

  • candlewax122 1 year ago

    WTF the cherry was my 20th plant; eerie…?

  • Alexander Wloka 1 year ago

    Just completed the game with a Herald of Dawn!?

  • Mario12410 // FireyMC12410 1 year ago

    I'm only in 25…

  • david cossette 1 year ago

    i have all hat for all new streetpass game

  • david cossette 1 year ago

    i have 4 rare breed

  • The Legendary Pokemon of Legend 1 year ago

    Great job Nick! I'm a master gardener too! I have exactly 60 breeds grown so far. Keep making great lets plays of other series too!

  • NegativeNanase 1 year ago

    The $15 was definitely worth for this ending music.

  • Teamminecraft2277 1 year ago

    do a lets play on FIND MII

  • StreetPassPrinceton 1 year ago

    Me too. :'(

  • StreetPassPrinceton 1 year ago

    Already did. Check out my playlist and you should find all 15 stages viewable.

  • leadfoot 1 year ago

    I just beat this today

  • smlopez04 1 year ago

    😀 lucky i have 4 flowers left :p

  • unfunny 1 year ago

    "And we're going through a long credit scene that will possibly kill my battery."

    That was the funniest part of the last playthrough of Flower Town.

  • StreetPassPrinceton 1 year ago

    No. Too time consuming. I will post a video of Flower Town Extras about all the rare breeds.

  • plushmaster12 1 year ago

    Are you going to do a 2nd season with the new journal?

  • McExpert 1 year ago

    Cool congrats!

  • CoolCookieGamer 246 1 year ago