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Welcome to India; welcome to the Future Farms Hydroponic rooftop! Right here in Chennai, Future Farms are going to set up the FIRST Hydroponic Rooftop Farm in South India (one of the VERY few in India) Day 1: About the Greenhouse. Check out what Sriram, Alex and the team have in store, behind the scenes, at Future Farms! Visit our Facebook page at: Or our website: And please don’t forget to Like/Share/Subscribe! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Latest UpdateGetting Started – Darwin Junior (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Darwin Penta (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Air Bucket Hexa (Hydroponic Home System) – Future Farms (India)Over The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkFuture Growing Rooftop Tower Garden Farm at the Bell Book and Candle restaurant in Manhattan

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