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This afternoon Emilia and I collected natural resources from the garden and she created a beautiful fairy garden collage. We also combined this activity with story time where she told me a little story about the fairies living in her garden as she was making her collage. This was such an enjoyable activity for both of us and a wonderful creative way to get children in touch with nature. Come join us on facebook! Music credits Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: Video Rating: / 5 Two kids stealing from our garden. I saw them stealing an Egg Plant, then I took my smart phone to film them and this is what I Got. How can I prevent my neighbor from stealing my plants?? Related PostsKids Wheelbarrow Garden Toy | Watering Can Sand Pit Beach Tools Fun ActivityDoc McStuffins Skittles / Bowling Set Kids Garden Toy | Fun Summer Activity Nadia Amani ToysDIY FAIRY GARDEN | How to make a fairy garden for Kids | The Kids Next DoorGuided Meditation for Children | The FAIRY GARDEN | Kids RelaxationMake an Easy, Interactive Play Fairy Garden for KidsDIY Miniature Fairy Garden Dollhouse Kit with Totoro, Gift Box and Working Lights!

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  • LUCKZY1 10 months ago

    Great video awesome idea, definitely going to try this idea with my 4 year old , by the way her room looks lovely . You should maybe do a room tour .Thanks for sharing :)

  • Momma Schmooze Reviews 10 months ago

    looks fun for my 3 year old!

  • Minimalist Styling 10 months ago

    This seem so fun to create. I bet my nephews and nieces will love this activity. Love your channel! It would be awesome if you can check out my channel & support as well ♥ ♥

  • BriAllisonz 10 months ago

    love it….we just subscribed…pls check out our channel..thanks

  • IVF Hopes 10 months ago

    Great idea! I love it :)

  • Gentle Thrifty Mama 10 months ago

    Beautiful!! We've done something similar but without the beads. They add a great touch! We will have to do it again!

  • Hanna Domjan 10 months ago

    lovely! Thumbs up! Have a nice weekend, Love Hanna and Mia

  • David Regan 10 months ago

    When we were kids my cousin and I would go to the neighbors to steal apples. We got caught, and she let us have them. I was at my aunts house last summer, and she had an apple tree was so loaded it started to break some branches. I asked if I could take some for the deer that hang out by me. She would only let me take the ugly ones, or the ones that were touching the ground. Almost all the rest went to waste! LOL

  • Lydia Whetstone 10 months ago

    I would tell their parents. Stealing is stealing and its wrong.

  • CHOO-CHOO WEEKES 10 months ago

    Jesus fucking christ …It's just an eggplant ,,,,,the dam kid looks hungry…she tried to eat it raw ..your a stuttering jackass ,if you were any kind of gardener,,or neighbor ….you would give your neighbor's some …

  • Teach them to garden is a better use of your time

  • You bastard! You're going to hell for taking food away from kids. "Give me $5, give me $5". I'll give u 5 toes up ur arse, yah, ya know?

  • Thomas E S Thomas 10 months ago

    If those kids actually want eggplant, give them some more! Teach Healthy Habits when they're young. Talking to their parents wouldn't hurt. Though, if the kids are stealing, maybe they learned it somewhere… Hmm.

  • Christopher Carter 10 months ago

    What if she was just hungry?  I mean like she has no food in house.  I think the talk you had was valuable but you might of asked them to help with garden and you would give them some garden food.

  • Sean McCstoned T.V. 10 months ago

    I just read the comments.. I think teaching the kids to grow or help with the garden is the best idea.. Teach them the value and time that goes into a plant..

  • Cookie Lover 10 months ago

    I'm in tears…. What a sad sad ending…. Poor girls starved to death…. The coroner said, if only they had an eggplant they might have survived. 

  • Christopher E. Pineda 10 months ago

    I'd have said "Stealing is wrong but if you help weed the garden I'll let you have the raw eggplant you bit into." :o)

  • Rachel Whip 10 months ago

    Perhaps these kids were hungry or they need fresh vegetables. If these kids were hungry or their parents could not afford fresh vegetables, I would make sure they did. I would plant extra every year. I would also have them help with the garden. I would also teach them how to grow and take care of their own garden.

  • Michelle Gonzales 10 months ago

    If they got in my garden i will call the police on them for trade passing

  • jose nogales 10 months ago

    nice guy.

  • Nancy Brown 10 months ago
  • Nancy Brown 10 months ago

    I will call the police

  • Well done. You tried to get them to understand that hard work was put into growing your vegetables.

    The girls seemed to be genuinely contrite. Sometimes kids do stupid things. Fortunately for them you turned this into a good learning experience.

  • antonio matos 10 months ago

    Lmao…..good job dude…well look at the bright side atleast the kids are trying to eat healthy..

  • De Flow 10 months ago

    I think what u did is great and it's good how you gave them a chance
    And they would not steal from ur garden again good job dude

  • Paco Ramos 10 months ago

    Tell the cops

  • ohdeekalone 10 months ago

    The camera even closed in on the bite mark, which shows she was hungry enough to even eat a raw eggplant (yuck!) I've heard of children eating banana skins too, which aren't very good for them, but they're hungry Maybe the girls were not hungry but curious. In any case, they're only young & perhaps warned not to talk to a male stranger, so tell them to ask your wife for permission next time.