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  • Jakster Jammin 2 months ago

    Bet the system works great until the return lines get plugged with roots because the root system is naturally follow the returning water into the return tubing and will plug the return lines then OVERFLOWS the buckets.

  • Shirley Hubbard 2 months ago

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  • Matt tags 2 months ago

    when first time set up and adding water did you lock in your nuits, pH and ppm for all 6 buckets plus control pot or just fresh water and using control pot to dial in once you have roots and growth .. I know,.. might be a stupid question I'm just looking for a dwc or bubble system with a res so I'm not watering every other day.

  • Kez Hugh 2 months ago

    i've bought 2 of these now and they work great.

  • Chris 2 months ago

    does anyone seriously by that cheap ass crap? xD lolz