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Association for Vertical Farming Summit 2015 Beijing Video Welcome by Dr. Dickson Despommier and Henry Gordon-Smith Honorary Board Member and Regional Manager North America Association for Vertical Farming Summit Beijing The ideas of vertical farming visionary Dickson Despommier. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingThe Vertical Farm as the Ecosystem of the City – Dickson Despommier – AVF summit 2016Dr. Dickson Despommier Announces the Vertical Farming Award 2016AVF Summit 2015 PreviewPopular Videos – Vertical farming & Dickson DespommierVertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 1

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  • fukc hoe 1 year ago

    gread idea, but i think were still fucked

  • KPP4ATD 1 year ago

    Great Idea!!!

  • danny boy 1 year ago

    i agree. the omega garden is a perfect example and i actually have an adaption of that to merge the benefits of it with the benefits of line production.

  • danny boy 1 year ago

    so true. the hearst tower cost $500B and that was almost 50 stories. a 30 story building custom made to be perfect for this would probs cost about $150-200b. i just cant grasp why people dont see how wonderful his idea is.

  • david0aloha 1 year ago

    Natural light is what works for every other form of agriculture. Same goes for winter/rainy season. You won't be able to grow some crops like corn, but not everything needs the same kind of heat/light. Night wouldn't need lamps; you use less energy and plants actually engage in other metabolic activities with glucose reserves in the absence of light. Why wouldn't you make the building transparent? My biggest qualm is the uniform vertical structure and getting enough light to the plants.

  • david0aloha 1 year ago

    This is not to say it's uneconomical, though I think the smaller scale facilities should be the testbed before scaling it up. Remember also how many expenses farmers incur in the production of food. Seeding (especially Monsanto or other GMO patent strains), fertilizer, heavy machinery, land, oil, pesticides/herbacides, crop dusters, water, and the sheer amount of time required for traditional farming are major costs that could be drastically reduced.

  • david0aloha 1 year ago

    Advanced solutions with alternative growing strategies are needed for a vertical farm (though there are systems like that coming out by other companies). Not only that, but retrofitting a building is not so simple since buildings, old buildings especially, don't have enough window exposure; especially to the south in more northern climates.

    Do you really know the costs of developing a project of that size? The land alone would likely cost your MAYBE quote in many cities.