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This video shows our process for forming the plant pockets in the PVC drain pipe grow tubes. Related PostsArloa’s Hydroponic Tower Garden Part 1Arloa’s Hydroponic Tower Garden Part 2“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningDIY (Garden Tower) Build a Hydroponic Raining Vertical Tower Part 1How to build a Hydroponic Raining Vertical grow tower Part 2Hydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe Media

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  • Deborah Lopez 3 months ago

    I absolutely loved your 3 part videos. Very clear, precise, and easy to understand. Thank you for including your encountered problems and resolutions. I will probably try and build a set myself. I do have a question. Instead of an extension cord, have you considered adding a small solar kit to run your unit? I think I might look into that as I don't have any outlets outside.

  • Pawan Kandara 3 months ago


  • P M K Prasad 3 months ago

    Superb !!!! Thanks a LOT
    By the way, KINDLY upload pdf's to Dropbox and Place that LINK in the description.
    I have already sent my request mail & still hadn't received any reply.