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My vertical growing test has had some interesting results on my aeroponics system. The leaks were coming from water hitting the net pots and either following the pot out of the holes or bouncing and generating a spray. So I took a propane torch, heated the top and bottom of the holes and used the hole drill to force the melted areas as needed. The tops of the holes I made them curve inward. The bottoms were forced outwards. This gave ,e a lower lip catching excess water. The tops wet acting as a roof to shelter the opening from excess water. Another problem arose. The holes were now bigger, this caused them to be stretched. Which lead to another kind of leak. The solution is going to be to use a rubber sheet and put x shaped slits in it for each pot. I am on a budget so for now, while it is ugly, I am using some plastics bags to hold off the leaking. It looks like this piece of work is going to have to be left to the professionallexiglass company to create for me. These 3 holes will serve to demonstrate to them what I need done. So I will probably have the walls rebuilt by them. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLarge High Pressure Aeroponics System TestHow to grow a verticle upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden space Part 2Indoor Verticle FarmingVerticle, indoor urban farming is turning out primo produce for local chefs6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and FollowHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardening

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