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Aeroponic farm grows organic aeroponic food for chefs and restaurants. see Video courtesy Denver Channel 7 News Related PostsHydroponic Farm Grows 350 Varieties of Vegetables with 90 minerals to Grow the best tasting foodMore than work: Tokyo office grows own food in vertical farmThe world’s largest aeroponic farm, exploding with food in the middle of a “food desert”This Minnesota Indoor Vertical Farm Grows Fresh Produce 365 Days a YearA Vertical Farm Grows In Newark | The Daily 360 | The New York TimesSoutheast Georgia Farm Grows Produce Using Hydroponics

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  • Fatsacks Allday 1 year ago

    soil>synthetic anytime, IMO great vid tho

  • tunnis7us 1 year ago

    Nice. Haven't heard about this before =)

  • oreolvrs 1 year ago

    hooray for science

  • Владимир Путин 1 year ago

    What is required temperature and humidity to grow basil?

  • Sanndy's 1 year ago

    Very very cool time lapse video!!!

  • Oscar Meza 1 year ago

    hello, I wonder if you used any substrate to improve growth, and what use you in the grow under the plant

  • CHRIS STIGLER 1 year ago

    Nice setup! I have a smaller version that i built

  • Dom Connors 1 year ago

    cool by this is just hydroponics :/

  • Northys Urban Hydro 1 year ago

    Nice and clean setup , can you share the nutrients you use in this system and the light setup .

  • Ryan O'Donnell 1 year ago

    I've been experimenting with aquaponics and hydroponics for a couple years now and I am getting curious about aeroponics. I was just wondering what type of material you used for the housing of your system as well as a reliable/quality spray nozzle? I really like it, it is the best I've seen, aside from so some pretty cool finished wood designs this one is by far the cleanest design. Beautiful job.

  • O G kush 1 year ago

    Can someone give me tips and info if making a high pressure areoponics system out doors would work 

  • contrelesidiots hamza 1 year ago

    what kind of Tools   we mesure the ppm . thank you

  • wateronly 1 year ago

    Do you used the exact same nutrients product in your aeroponics as you would in a hydroponic system?

  • Rasni Baba 1 year ago

    It's fantastic…thank you very much

  • rkazarin 1 year ago

    What is the co2 meter for?

  • Scott Baker 1 year ago

    Where do you get the misting nozzles?

  • CISMD 1 year ago

    Very nice filming technique