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Well guys, I am trying my hand in growing potatoes in my aquaponic system! I do believe this is considered aeroponics but I am really not sure so I thought I would post this video to show you guys where I am at in the build and try to get some feedback from all of you:) Let me know what you think I need to do or not do! Aquaponic Dutch Bucket Build – ( Building an Aquaponic System – ( MY GEAR: iPhone 6 for most filming. – ( GoPro Hero 3+ Black – ( Sony Vegas Pro 13 (64-bit) – ( Paintshop Pro – ( Sunpak Tripod – ( See all our channels and sites! Be Social with us: FB Page – FB Group – Instagram – Twitter – Pin – G+ – Related PostsVertical Grow Tower Barrel UpdateHydroponic Potato TowerEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodBuilding Aeroponic Barrel GardenHydroponic Potato RevealMinecraft Xbox Ep 31 Building Wheat, Carrot & Potato Farms! (Vertical Farms)

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  • THOR son 3 weeks ago

    Thinking you may need to spray paint it black to keep the roots from trying to grow leaves.

  • Glen Ferguson III 3 weeks ago

    if you lower that tank to ground might help water pressure, head height might be an issue because it looks like that is the highest point out of all your water flows, and I am thinking that you are using one pump for all those grow beds.

  • Cal Lowe 3 weeks ago

    You need to tap into a 3/4 in pipe with those nozzles. The drip line you are using will not deliver the pressure you need.

  • Josh Blick 3 weeks ago

    You had the right thought. Grab some 180 spray nozzles. That will increase the pressure and put the water where you want it.

  • Clint Carpentier 3 weeks ago

    Increase pressure? Not sure, but you could try pulling those red things off and capping the ends, then punk a couple pinhole in the hose where the roots will be. Clamp the long hose until you actually need it, if you need it at all.

  • Sherrell Allen 3 weeks ago

    you could also check the ph balance to make sure it is growing at the fullest potential =)

  • Bud Beazey 3 weeks ago

    This is just a hydro set up bro…Aeroponics is when you use a sprayer. I grow in 16 gal plastic totes from Walmart. I use spaghetti tubing on a small pond pump with the sprayer on the end of the tubes. I use eight sprayers per tote. I notice rapid growth with three times the harvest. I change the water/nutrient solution every 7-10 days.

  • Irma Martin 3 weeks ago

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  • Clayton Chance Cunningham 3 weeks ago

    5:10 thank me later

  • Hi Home Farm Ideas .. I would say that the bucket with the algae in it would be classed as hydro kratky .. its basically the same as running hydro as you are giving it oxygenated water(waterfall) .. there is basically no water in there, so im guessing the plant is using the "hairs" to get oxygen thus utilising its otherwise useless roots like the kratky method. It would then just absorb nutrients in the bottom roots, which are not very big and being choked by algae l.. if there was no algae this plant would thrive as the roots would spread into the water and get the nutrients it needs… clean the bucket 😛 maybe rinse the roots with tap water or have it sit in it overnight "chlorine"… Love the video tho keep it up

  • Steve Davis 3 weeks ago

    Typically the high flow rate pumps i am guessing you are using do not generate much pressure. It has very little to do with stepping down pipe diameter in this application. Flow and pressure are different animals. I use a aquatec pumps and get about 80-100 PSI. Flow rate maximum on the pump is about 0.5 Gallons per minute. It creates a really fine mist for your root zone. I am guessing that the flow rate on your pump is about 500 to 1000 GPH. That type of pond pump will typicallly generate 4 to 8 psi pressure. They are intended for moving large volumes of water and not generating presusre. Hope this helps

  • Steve Davis 3 weeks ago

    RO water boost pumps work well in this application. Aquatec 6850 or 8800 series. The nozzles you have will flood the root zone line a garden hose. Will not get the "spray" you are looking for . Brass garden mist spray nozzles work best. Get at least 0.020" oraface or you will be clogging alot.

  • Russ Butler 3 weeks ago

    Matt, I have an aeroponics system. One of the things that I found to be important was NOT to have the water running constantly. I am growing in a vertical tube with 2 inch net pots. Pump is on a timer, 15 min on, 15 minutes off. System is inside, so temp control not an issue. I found root rot to be an issue with many different plants when I ran the water constantly.

  • Dude Makes Stuff 3 weeks ago

    daughter's mug….pfft 🙂 like that big bucket

  • enticed2zeitgeist 3 weeks ago

    Just a bit of extra info, TAG (true aeroponic growing) needs micron sized water droplets to truly be effective. This has to do with size of pores in the roots. Usually people use high pressure / lower flow pumps to achieve the pressure required to do this, hot tub jet pumps are a common one used.

    However! There is a much easier solution! Ultrasonic misters! They use significantly less power and cannot clog. And when used in Aquaponics the ceramic disks used to blast the water into mist do not degrade very fast unlike in Hydroponics the high salinity of the nutrient solutions weakens the disks very quickly!

    Here is a sample video one in action

  • Glenn Morrison 3 weeks ago

    try using mister nozzles like you would use on a patio for evaporative cooling. it appears you are using irrigation nozzles.

  • Mmbohn1 3 weeks ago

    How are your new baby fish doing? I love fish too.

  • DoctorMeetsFish 3 weeks ago

    I am betting it will clog. Aquaponics usually run a little to dirty for aeroponic add ons. Best of luck.

  • Julie Oliverio 3 weeks ago

    Hi there, I appreciate and relate to your experimentation related to gardening. I have an indoor half-hydroponic, half-aquaponic garden under grow lights in my small city apartment and have been trying for two seasons to figure out how to successfully grow potatoes using hydro or aquaponics, so I love that you're trying different techniques. That said, just some feedback for your video – you really rambled and rambled. It was 5 minutes into the video before you got out of your chair, and it was 10 minutes into the video before you even got around to showing what was supposed to be the subject – your potato setup. Then you didn't actually show potatoes growing. So you had 10 minutes of buildup and about six minutes of talking about your potato system, and then another minute of talk at the end. It would be helpful if your video was much more succinct and to the point. Regarding your actual setup, I've seen aeroponic systems, but generally they are open-air. I'm assuming your potatoes will grow in the air inside the bucket? How will you keep them from molding/rotting in the dampness of the constant water in the bucket? I hope this system works, I'd love to see it in operation further into your grow.

  • floot 3 weeks ago

    Seriously, ?? If this dude is not on drugs, …. he is being ripped off!!!