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  • lakebound09 4 weeks ago

    a foam disc placed around the lower stems set in the top of the net pots.

  • reinux 4 weeks ago

    What are you using to suspend the carrots?

  • FPV DIKS 4 weeks ago

    wow, , , great vegetable garden. thankyou for posting

  • lakebound09 4 weeks ago

    I just build my own from ideas on youtube… thanks.

  • Creative Backyard Concepts 4 weeks ago

    Is there a aeroponic system that you would suggest please

  • lakebound09 4 weeks ago

    Sorry Vlad…this is what I have in the way of videos. I have more piks at my page on facebook under Otterponics. However I will say the crop turned out a bit better than I expected. thx

  • Vladislav Velkovski 4 weeks ago

    Can you show more carrot aeroponics? I am about to put mine into my system but don't much about how they work in a hydroponic system. Great videos 🙂

  • lakebound09 4 weeks ago

    My 1st attempt…we will see.

  • SleestaksRule 4 weeks ago

    I tried and failed with a carrot.  It was really goofy looking.