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‘Adult Beginner Ballet’ is a short documentary that features Kathy Mata, a dedicated instructor, who is determined to teach adults (ages 16-80 years old) the beautiful and technically challenging art of ballet. Video Rating: / 5 Advice you can use. Related PostsAdult Learning in Buckinghamshire 2016Ghop – Chicago Youth & Young Adult Choir June 23, 2013Summer Crafts for Kids – How to Make a Garden Apron – Beginner Sewing ProjectDrugged up stripped down woman uses a pole on a Chicago train to perform her adult dance routineLearn English Listening | Beginner: Lesson 3. My Flower GardenNorthstar Hydroponics Grow Kit – A Beginner Getting Started

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  • RunningRabbit 9 months ago

    Gosh I love you!!! >.< I started adult beginner ballet last summer, and at first it was amazing, I had a beautifully trained teacher, who was very happy to see us all get better and better, then I moved to the afternoon classes and the teacher was so nice, he was in a professional company, still he was patient and he would laugh and make us laugh when we made mistakes but still wanted us to get better, then we had a temp teacher who was very fun to work with, very smart, wanted us to be more elastic, strong and fit and would show us where is our limit (hint: it doesn't exist) and made us feel so inspired… then we got this awful little bratty teacher who thinks everyone should be born with ballet inside or just quit it 🙁 and that broke my heart, I decided to stop attending classes and it kills me because I have never felt more healthy and strong than when I was doing ballet 🙁 I wished more people would have the commitment to teaching adults, that you know, they might have their careers already or injuries (as myself) so it's a very different treatment :(

  • Sarah Tummon 9 months ago

    The more I watch ballet… The more I'd like to do it…

  • Alicia Spivey 9 months ago

    I fell 30 feet off of a cliff 4 months and broke my hip socket in two places. I've always wanted to learn ballet and now that I'm learning to walk again I want to start!

  • Rose Ellen 9 months ago

    This woman is truly inspirational. You can see that she really genuinely cares about her students. The ballet world can be so elitist, it's heartwarming to see a person so welcoming to older people starting ballet and the way she teaches the class is amazing, the way she manages to cater to every individuals needs whilst still teaching a professional style class is incredible. Kudos to her.

  • Ballerina Equestrian 9 months ago

    2:53 that's Mazurka!

  • Lee Lad 9 months ago

    id like to join this ballet school so badly :,(

  • Todd Anthony 9 months ago

    Very cool :] Great to see people living their dreams, thanks for sharing

  • Jim Myers 9 months ago

    she needs to please mentor someo n e to carry on her teaching mantle. I wish I could take class from her.

  • 13portual 9 months ago

    What a wonderful teacher, so inspiring :)

  • Mastifffriend 9 months ago

    Looks like a great class. The hour barre may be a bit too long for me. I had that recently and I started to stiffen up a bit at 51.

  • samibilly 9 months ago

    this touched me, because i started doing modern 3 years ago and taking ballet classes 1 year ago. I was first unsure to start dancing at the age of 21, but it has become a huge part of my life and I couldn't be happier.

  • Cate Field 9 months ago

    How fabulous….

  • La Talullah 9 months ago

    Anyone in NYC looking for an Introduction to Adult Ballet go here . We have a great time!

  • Theatrelover's little book nook 9 months ago

    this is so inspiring I'm going to take my first dance class next semester I'm only 19 so I'm happy there is women and men who start late as well

  • Brooke Renee Calder 9 months ago

    This seriously made me misty! Kathy Mata is amazing!

  • Danielle 9 months ago

    this class is amazing, wonderful teacher. Very inspiring to watch

  • Andreamer 9 months ago

    this is great

  • Pryderyk Copin 9 months ago

    Great! What a great teacher 🙂 And students also :)

  • melissa hipolito 9 months ago

    Thank You kathy for believing in people

  • Bri G. 9 months ago

    I would think you can ask for a massage, that's legal, if she doesn't want to take the time for that and what's to offer more then leave.

  • Bri G. 9 months ago

    Cops spend so much time on this…my room mate gets harassed by them and she does massage only they keep calling her and she's been cited for working without a license.
    A undercover cop came by the other day looked all around the apt. decided I guess that nothing bad was going on here and then left. Yet our cars were broken into the other day again into they show up here? We have to call it in or go to the police station to make a report.

  • MusicMitchy 9 months ago

    what a horrible thing to do to innocent people.. people telling other people they can't pay or take money for sex is fucked up..

  • Faisal Mukhtar 9 months ago

    Easy as ABC.
    If you are in a room, and you have already paid, and the girl ask ,"What do you want"?
    Leave Right Away.

  • Râistlìn Majere 9 months ago

    In many areas exotic or nude dancers must be licensed to perform, and in some areas they must also be in designated areas i.e. a licensed strip club.

  • mitsubishidiamante 9 months ago

    this is why you get the out call not in call

  • Nonnof Yobiznes 9 months ago

    The great George Carlin said it once "If fucking is legal and buying is legal, why the fuck is it illegal to buy fucking time?" lol.

  • Mr Incredible7 9 months ago

    is it legal to just agree to have sex, and meet up, but nobody is paying anybody any money ???

  • TheDicfer 9 months ago

    Is this REALLY all the cops have to do?

  • John Melendez 9 months ago

    oh good grief! This Tranny has the nerves to say "Why can't you just meet a nice girl, take her out to dinner?" Hello! A lot of these bitches nowadays are narcissistic, and shallow! You noticed all these johns she's attracting are fat, and ugly like her! lol

  • 1024userdaniel 9 months ago

    so 4 cops to bust a john….waste of time….go after the drug dealers

  • Nino Anthony 9 months ago

    so did she just say "meet a girl and take her to dinner" so if its dinner its not prostitution? wtf.

  • fooloof 9 months ago

    I somewhat agree with this. However, at least on the male side, there have been instances where cops have had full-on sex and then arrested the hookers. It's not out of the question that a female cop would at least show a little tit in order to ensnare someone.

    What I would do is just tell them the money is for their time and they are welcome to do whatever they want. if they are legit, they will start to undress you and take it from there. they are there to make money, not cause problems. So, a real hooker would never say "okay, fine; I'm just gonna sit here for a half-hour and then you have to leave."

  • fooloof 9 months ago

    Nice that the cop with the $10k implants wants to be a moralist.

  • Jeff Green 9 months ago

    Plenty of disturbing things about this. But the one that stands out the most is police trying to lure men to commit crimes(that should be legal). That's like leaving money inside an unlocked car and bust people when they try to steal it. So your fighting crime by creating crime? Totally pathetic.

    I usually support police, but not when it comes to prostitution. These guys didn't do anything wrong except break a really bad law. Who are the police to interfere with 2 people agreeing to have sex and not doing harm to anyone? Who are they to place judgement? The only people that should be convicted of crimes are the police. That blonde should be locked up.

  • mysirius1000 9 months ago

    It's despicable for cops to entrap men in such a sting. Cops suck as they are and it's no wonder they're being killed more often by an angry populace!

  • 123gwf 9 months ago

    1.  Only do outcalls.  It's not foolproof, but it makes it harder on the cops.   2.  Do a LEO check, which basically just consists of the two of you showing each other your genitals.  A seasoned hooker will do this without prompting.  Do this within 60 seconds of meeting her.  It can actually be kind of exhibitionistic and kinky to just whip it out like that.  Either way, do it.  It serves a purpose.  3.  Always refer to paying her as giving her money for her time.  Never say "Here's 250 for that fine ass."  Say "Here's 250 for your time tonight."    4.  Do your research online.  There are many places like The Erotic Review, for one, where you can look up a phone number and find out if the girl is legit, as well as read reviews about her quality of service.  5.  If she has no reviews online, don't use her.  She could be a cop, or she could be a loser.  Let someone else test the waters first.   6.  Don't give her any of your personal info.  If she wants to do screening, drop her and pick someone else.  "Screening" = "gathering information for future blackmail."  100%.    7.  Don't call hookers with your primary cell phone.  Get a second cell phone, Walter White style.     8.  Strongly consider spending the money on some quality porno subscriptions instead.  Most of this shit just isn't worth it.  You could get arrested, you could get a disease, and you WILL run into some unbelievable degenerates that don't have the dignity of your average rat.  Not worth it.  On the other hand, Brazzers and Porn Pros continue to make OUTSTANDING content these days, and you can see if for a fraction of the cost of even the worn out cop-hooker in this video.  Stay safe, my friends.

  • GIL murrieta 9 months ago

    Gracias amigo!