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click here to see and read more follow me on twitter Video Rating: / 5 Project SEARCH provides employability skills training and workplace internships for individuals with significant disabilities, particularly youth transitioning from high school to adult life. Project SEARCH originated at Cincinnati Children’s and now has program sites throughout the U.S. and the United Kingdom. There are several local programs that serve youth in the Greater Cincinnati area, including one at Cincinnati Children’s. Related PostsStrip Trivia With Adult Actress Jynx Maze and Thor of Rock 105.3Grow It Yourself: Onions Are Nothing to Cry AboutBugs, Slugs and Furry Thugs – Part 3 of 5Bugs, Slugs and Furry Thugs – Part 2 of 5Bugs, Slugs and Furry Thugs – Part 4 of 5Bugs, Slugs and Furry Thugs – Part 1 of 5

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  • ernie pokemon 1 year ago

    where do you live? you need to run for a seat in public office.

  • Jamiel Spencer 1 year ago

    damn that's fucked up

  • buddybudmac 1 year ago

    and liberals say we don't need guns

  • twofoodstamps 1 year ago

    Hang all of them.

  • Bombs Away 1 year ago

    they love rapists in prison, have fun dirty nigs

  • prkrjlln 1 year ago

    They just report child report, lmfao

  • Mikel Mccuien 1 year ago

    Yup typical for Blacks they can get a Black hooker but no they choose a white women of course RAPE

  • Kanye West 1 year ago

    id take her off as well then kill her

  • Kanye West 1 year ago


  • Robert Becker 1 year ago

    Rape should carry the same punishment as "murder"!!!

  • Steven Bell 1 year ago

    I hope those niggaz die slow terrible deaths. Just like that nigga that made the gorgeous white woman call her BF while he raped, her.

  • Tina McGuire 1 year ago

    it doesn't matter what her job is no means no

  • Xcorgi 1 year ago

    This is WHY white liberals had better wake up and buy some guns for home protection AND get a concealed carry permit to carry the gun to protect yourselves and your family while you're out in public. If this family had guns, this would have turned out much differently.

  • bill withers 1 year ago

    babylon the great created a race of young super soldiers that are gonna destroy america these are the real israelites this is in the bible america will be destroyed and most whites will be killed or put in chains they will be slaves same as the rest of the races

  • bill withers 1 year ago

    shes a whore you cant rape a whore

  • F M Bradley 1 year ago

    Feminist should have came out and supported her simply because it was a crime. Not a white, Black or porn thing. shame on them.

  • Dexter Haven 1 year ago

    These black monsters are Satan. Why doesn't Black Lives Matter tell the truth about them? Are they trying to create a false picture of blacks as innocent victims? Just because all blacks don't do this, so what. A significant subset do. That's important to realize and to call them evil niggers, which is not racist, despite what whiny-ass liberal cowards say.

  • One Hunnit Tech 1 year ago

    No bail?!?!
    Their name's were released?!?!

  • Alexis Duggan 1 year ago


  • d sauve 1 year ago

    this is amazing i wish buffalo ny had a program like this for people with disabilities to be able to work in the hospitals. i have aspergers and its been a struggle to find the right job.

  • daniel stocker 1 year ago

    Hi Erin

    I have been on Project Search for 1 y in Plymouth UK
    and got a job