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Today we planted our Walking Onions and our garlic seed..we also broke up and spread out our second year asparagus roots! Related PostsPerennial Vegetable Gardening DVD TrailerTropical Perennial Vegetable Gardening in HawaiiContainer Gardening For Beginners — Perennial FruitsHarvesting Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, Tomatoes in the Organic Vegetable GardenThe Results of Sheet Mulching A Vegetable GardenTime to start the Spring Vegetable Garden!

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  • Brianna Collins 7 months ago

    Hi Mrs V,,,,, Have you ever planted any artichoke plants? I just bought some seeds and Iam getting ready to start them indoors to plant in the spring. I've tried to start seeds in the past with no luck,,,,,, any tips? And another thing,,,, have you heard of asparagus beans? They grow between 14- 30 inches and are supposed to be a vigorous growing plant with crisp, tender and delicious beans. Excited about growing this new veggie!

  • FortyAcre Prep 7 months ago

    Just planted 240 one year old asparagus crowns this past spring. They took very nicely in soil that was well amended with peat moss and composted cow manure. Planted them in ten inch wide trenches about 18 inches apart.
    My last asparagus bed of 36 crowns yielded asparagus that was 1.5 inches in diameter and sweet as candy. Didn't mulch them one winter and sure enough, the deep freeze killed off most of them, but a few are still producing 17yrs later.

  • maybeeme 7 months ago

    Keep those videos coming! :)

  • you have a wonderful hubby.

  • thundercloud47 7 months ago

    Mrs. Volfie, In the fall when the green berrries on your asparagus turn orange, and start to dry out, harvest them.  With in each of those little circular berries you'll fine up to 5 seeds, that can be planted to start even more asparagus for your family.   Mrs. Tc

  • Jamie Elf 7 months ago

    how exciting Mrs. V!!! I'm looking forward to seeing it next year when all of those lovelies get settled  :)

  • nohotpotbetty 7 months ago

    Thus far my perennials consist of Rhubarb – yes it is a vegetable 🙂 – chives and asparagus. It would be niice to get some of those onions, too. I will have to make a note of the kind they are and see if I can find some next year. Thanks for this video, Mrs Volfie. (and of course the Mr Volfie)

  • DixieGirl9876 7 months ago

    A great recycle job there and a garden that will keep on giving.

  • brat46 7 months ago

    I couldn't tell but what do you have to keep the raised dirt from the foundation of the building? 

  • Charlotte Hughes 7 months ago

    Fantastic! I really look forward to watching your videos here in the uk. Thank you xx

  • GrenadeChick99 7 months ago

    Sounds like Tom wants your undivided attention! ;)

  • Cin Rose 7 months ago

    Your tattoo made your vids not kid friendly. 🙁 Thank you for making them, though.

  • homesteadinarental 7 months ago

    This is our goal as well   I want a perennial herb garden as well,  any suggestions?  Scooter sends his love 

  • Willows Garden 7 months ago

    What a nice big perennial bed, papa did an excellent job on it. Your homestead is coming right along Bev, great addition! Take care and God Bless!

  • Susan Bordian 7 months ago

    I was looking at your tools, the fork, the spade, the rake, and I realized that in a thousand years the basic designs of them has not changed. They're just made out of slightly better stuff.

  • CheapskateGardener 7 months ago

    everything looks great bev :)

  • Maleesa Paradis 7 months ago

    That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • Joe Serrano 7 months ago

    Perennial garden looking COOL, between Poppa Volfie and you, ya all make a GREAT Team!!! Thumbs up Mrs. V!! :)

  • pquarles1 7 months ago

    Looks great Bev!!

  • marshall reagan 7 months ago

    Enjoy all that you can grow. My  brother that is 2 years older than I am was removing the supers full of honey  Monday when he died of a massive heart attack. he had removed 23 supers of honey ,loaded it on his truck & was putting the lids back on when he died .it was close to 90 degrees  that afternoon.  he was always growing more than he needed & gave it away.