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As we focus on all of the wonderful environmental benefits of green roofs and living walls, the societal benefits are often overlooked – yet humans may be the species with the most to gain. Research shows that patients who can view nature during recovery have better clinical outcomes, and students that interact with nature during the learning process have improved attention and social skills. Often the only green space available to these facilities is on the roof and walls. In this presentation I will highlight research and case studies of green roofs on healthcare and education facilities, and the amazing results of connecting people to nature in an urban setting. Elizabeth Hart, CDT, GRP, lives in Portland, Oregon. As the Manager of Tremco’s North American Green Roof Program, she promotes environmental and economic sustainability through green roofs and living walls. She works closely with architects, contractors and building owners on the design, installation, and maintenance of over 100 green roofs. Elizabeth received a B.S. in Sustainable Development and Botany from Appalachian State University, focusing on phyto-remediation of polluted sites. Her years of working in a medical clinic led to her inspiration for changing the “nature” of healthcare facilities. She is a founding and active member of the Green Roof info Think-tank (GRiT), a network of over 400 businesses, government agencies, researchers, and community members committed to growing the collective knowledge base for on-structure vegetation. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for green roofing through speaking, teaching, and ultimately making more green roofs happen. Related PostsA Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education through Green RoofingGreen Jobs for a Green Future: Green RoofingLEED in Higher EducationWater Quality Benefits Green RoofingGreen Benefits of Metal Roofing – Metal Roofing 101 with Todd MillerConservation Through Education

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