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This is an Intermediate-level course for engineers, planners, landscape architects, architects, local jurisdiction staff, developers, construction managers, and allied disciplines that plan, manage, review and inspect rainwater collection systems and vegetated roof projects. The course provided current design guidelines, basic construction details, basic flow control and water quality treatment performance, and practical experience necessary to work with designers and contractors to ensure proper installation of these systems. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts1 of 9: Intermediate LID Topics: Vegetated Roofs and Rainwater Collection Systems: Module 3.55 of 9: Intermediate LID Design: Rainwater Collection Systems and Vegetated Roofs: Module 3.5Vegetated Roofs- Tremco’s Sustainable InnovationGreen roofs are engineered, vegetated roof covers consisting of plants and growing media.The Impact LiveRoof Vegetated Roofs Have on Senior Living ResidentsPlant Collection – Hydroponic Farming Systems – Chili Pepper Growing

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