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  • Rain 008 1 year ago

    How is the outdoors inside of a fucking plane?

  • LeafyWasThere 1 year ago

    4;15 what are arms?

  • David Wright 1 year ago

    that wooli pilloe is actually cool

  • David Wright 1 year ago

    yo cam is the dumbest thing. its just a crapy gopro

  • wayne frodsham 1 year ago

    what was the chinese man on about at the end ? did he say he had swallowed a mattress and needs pumping? i didnt catch his drift !

  • Donna Forrester 1 year ago


  • John Howes 1 year ago


  • Nathan Bucci 1 year ago

    My phone camera is way better than that Yocam crap

  • gapadry 1 year ago

    jesus fucking christ do you guys watch commercials on youtube too, how desperate are you consumers?

  • fuzzy 1 year ago

    nice false title another camera commercial, really

  • Chris Seals 1 year ago

    How is an airplane pillow an outdoor gadget?

  • troy hammond 1 year ago

    those 5 gadgets were so gay I almost got aids

  • Finni 1 year ago

    I love the Woollip

  • Fred Marlin 1 year ago

    #2 was not a outdoor gadget!!

  • TroopeZ GaminG 1 year ago

    woowlip is either a knockoff or a hybrid of all three ostrich pillows

  • Zaboomafoo Zulu 1 year ago


  • Slammer boy 1 year ago

    yo cam is a gopro

  • Michael Eidsvik 1 year ago

    I want her, and it…..

  • J1I9M7M4Y 1 year ago

    2:25 of that new invention Yocam.. Wow. never seen anything like it.. Or.. Wait..

  • Okanonymous 1 year ago

    This is just a 16 minutes of ads