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Complete indoor grow setup put together with hand-picked, highest quality components. Featuring Supercloset hydroponic systems, Lumatek dimmable digital lighting, and Techniflora and General Organics nutrients and pH control solutions. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsComplete Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit System – Week 4 Grow Journal | Ebb and Flow Horticulture GardenGrow Tent Kit Commercial For DIY Indoor GardeningGrow Tent Hydroponic System | SuperCloset HydroponicsGrow Tent Kit Indoor Gardening // Top 20 Best SellersBubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic System – Avaialable at: FullbloomHydroponics.netNutriculture Hydroponic System Best Hydroponic System For Grow Tents Tent Hydro System Silver Box

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  • Got the same tent and size 🙂 Love this tent I don't regret buying it and I would recommend this for everyone looking out for the BEST tent at this date !