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Footage from the Maximum Yield Expo in Novi, Michigan 2013. We apologize to Earth Juice and Dyna-Gro; the audio was very distorted during those interviews. THANK YOU to all of the venders who showed up and to Maximum Yield for putting on another awesome show! We’ll see you in 2014! Related PostsVLOG Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2015 (PART 1)Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 – Best Products to Grow More, Yield MoreMaximum Yield’s Indoor Gardening Expo Tacoma, Washington 2014Maximum Yield’s 2014 San Francisco Indoor Gardening ExpoMaximum Yield’s Indoor Gardening Expo San Francisco 2011Indoor gardening in Michigan during winter!

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  • loren tyler 1 year ago

    Holy shit imagine my surprise when I find out that they guy who I learned how to grow by watching his videos also lives in Michigan…. when was this max yields expo I need to go next year

  • jason antigua 1 year ago

    The industry was lacking in nutrients ? Don't make me laugh ! That's like saying,the music industry is lacking shirt lifting boy bands…

  • Roy Nicholson 1 year ago

    good job

  • Motivated and Medicated 1 year ago

    need to c your update for your dwc scrog…..pleaaaaaase….:)

  • cosmicmystery1 1 year ago

    I really enjoy seeing the tubie videos you put out def. more when you dont rant its awesome. couldnt really give any input other then nice job and keep to the medicianal subject and keep schooling evryone on products and tutorials and do it yourself vids love it. I want to see someone on here doing like a bud rescue 911 doctor thing where they come to busted up gardens make them look better with whatever may be lying around and then teach the person what to do right onsite that would be fun.

  • macbookgenius007 1 year ago

    Great show!

  • TheLitesol 1 year ago

    Yeah !! California Light Works was there. They make a completely USA made LED. I got to meet George (the owner) He is a great guy. One of the reasons I went because I wanted to see their light up close. Man wish I had more time. Freebies are great but I just like to talk growing . I loved the Green Gator filter it was light and compact and the air was fresh on the exhaust.They need to make it two days to the public.

  • smalltime oldtimer 1 year ago

    thanks for all the work guys ….Peace

  • wmg madox 1 year ago

    greenplanet is another great line up if you want a an organaic feed check out there medi one 100% organic but for grow and bloom stage 1 feed

  • wmg madox 1 year ago

    FHD rulz check out their stuff if your interested in a clean product real nice set of guys really helpful

  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago

    Hell yea.. next year we'll get in the first day.. We defiantly need 2 full days to get the interviews we want.. We were moving pretty fast and only got 7 solid interviews.. there was over 200 companies I guess.. holy sh*t! So yea.. what now until March of 2014? lol

  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago

    Yea I was hoping to see ya down there! No I didn't actually.. I missed a lot of stuff actually.. Other than the interviews/companies we talked to, I didn't really see much else.. was it bad ass?

  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago

    thanks bro, glad to see you make it

  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago

    Hell yea, he seemed like a really cool guy.. wish we would've had more time to chit chat with him though.. we had to rush through a lot of convo's :/

  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago


  • GrowGreenerGuru 1 year ago

    hell yea! Been waiting since April 😀

  • organicdankonly 1 year ago

    so i had fun at expo u ready for a bbq at crib and our own choke and smoke

  • organicdankonly 1 year ago

    hey buddy whats up

  • kidman2505 1 year ago

    Scott Woodall is good people. Out of all the reps for the companies we have in stock, he's in our shop the most.

  • kidman2505 1 year ago

    awesome video!