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The NFL presents the 1998 NFC Championship Game between the Atlanta Falcons & Minnesota Vikings! 11:13 – Chris Chandler throws 5-yard TD pass to Jamal Anderson 16:34 – Randall Cunningham finds Randy Moss for 30-yard TD 24:36 – Harold Green fumbles, recovered by Vikings 32:56 – Gary Anderson makes 29-yard FG 34:00 – O.J. Santiago fumbles, recovered by Vikings 38:55 – Cunningham rushes in for 1-yard TD 47:50 – Gary Anderson makes 35-yard FG 53:48 – Cunningham is strip sacked, fumble recovered by Falcons 55:18 – Chandler zings 14-yard TD pass to Terrance Mathis 1:14:51 – Morten Anderson makes 27-yard FG 1:25:06 – Cunningham slings 5-yard TD pass to Mathew Hatchette 1:30:58 – Morten Anderson makes 24-yard FG 1:38:30 – Vikings mishandle snap and Falcons recover fumble 1:41:48 – Falcons are unable to convert on 4th down 1:53:20 – Gary Anderson misses 38-yard FG 1:58:28 – Chandler finds Mathis for 16-yard TD 2:23:10 – Falcons begin game-winning drive 2:31:12 – Morten Anderson makes 38-yard FG to send Falcons to Super Bowl Before the 1998 season, the Atlanta Falcons had only made the playoffs twice and never been to the NFC championship. During the 1998 season Atlanta won a franchise best 14 regular season games and advanced to the NFC championship to play the favorite 15-1 Minnesota Vikings. It looked bleak for the underdog Falcons, as they trailed 27-20 with four minutes to play and Gary Anderson about to kick a field goal, essentially icing the game. But he would miss the field goal and the Falcons would capitalize, scoring a touchdown to tie, then kicking the game winning field goal in OT to go to Super Bowl XXXIII. Subscribe to the NFL YouTube channel to see immediate in-game highlights from your favorite teams and players, daily fantasy football updates, all […]

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  • Richard Glenn 8 months ago

    One of the biggest upsets and shockers of all-time. Minnesota was unstoppable this season. Probably one of the greatest teams of all-time. Atlanta had a great year, but were far from being anything too special. For Minnesota to let this game and season slip away, in their own building where nobody could ever beat them. That was simply amazing. Utterly heartbreaking for Minnesota.

  • mark224 8 months ago

    Why aren't there any new uploads?

  • Aeonflux93 8 months ago

    1:57:50   Vikings fans, this is why you lost the game.  Championship players make Championship plays.

  • banderhoos 8 months ago

    I'm not even a Minnesota fan, and the last four minutes of this game just depressed the sh*t outta me….

  • Hi It's me 8 months ago

    I remember being salty they lost because I knew they could beat Denver

  • Ron Buskirk Jr 8 months ago

    It's refreshing not to see teams take the snap out of the shotgun EVERY SINGLE PLAY!!

  • Now Hip Hop 8 months ago

    hate this game to this day

  • PetroFor3 8 months ago

    Anderson is a great kicker. Anderson is a terrible kicker

  • Joe Duryea 8 months ago

    so I guess the nfl is done uploading full games

  • shu_rusty 8 months ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Atlanta blew a 21-3 lead in the second half of Super Bowl LI. #StayWoke

  • mattseneca 8 months ago

    17:05 just chuck it out there dogg oh man best john madden ever

  • Jack Johnson 8 months ago

    I was six years old when I first saw this game, and haven't seen it since! Really cool upload. I'm noticing a lot of Cunningham underthrows on Moss deep balls and poor playcalling on the Vikes' side of things (way too many running plays called in place of Moss targets). Cunningham's season stats belie his actual ability I think; he wasn't bad at at all (really like his pocket mobility, and he did make a few really great throws), but if the Vikes had a QB with a better deep ball, they'd have easily won this game and the Super Bowl.

  • lukerbom12 8 months ago

    Funny, I never heard anyone complain that Atlanta didn't get the ball first in this sudden-death overtime. Lol.

  • Orlando chavez 8 months ago

    Do Cowboys vs Seattle 2014

  • joesakic91 8 months ago

    Whether it's the Falcons or the Vikings, the Broncos will still beat either of them in SB 33.

  • lukerbom12 8 months ago

    Cmon guys don't tell me Super Tuesday/Full Game Friday is over???

  • Gregory Alan Bailey 8 months ago

    The most exciting player to ever play in the NFL Randy Moss. Watching the ball sail in the air and land in Randy Moss's arms was like an art form. The guy had a style that was completely unique.

  • PtlRG1 8 months ago

    Before the Andersen miss, Robert Smith ran out of bounds on 3 separate runs. Had he stayed in bounds AND they managed the clock properly, the Falcons would of got the ball back with 1:20 seconds with no time outs making it more difficult to tie the game. Fast forward to 2/5/17. The falcons were the victim of the same circumstance, stupid play calling. What goes around, comes around, Im not shedding a tear for you. Poetic Justice

  • Anthony Angelone 8 months ago

    U guys gonna upload the full Super Bowl LI game???

  • PtlRG1 8 months ago

    We may have choked here, but the Falcons now own the biggest choke job of them all by blowing a 25 point lead in the Superbowl