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More detail about our 17 city Gardening tips: (info: please press CC near gear button to turn on Subtitles) 1. Turn a pallet upright for shelved planting. DIY: 2. Layer planters for maximum effect. 3. Hang plants using a shoe organiser. 4. Use wine crates as a raised bed. Wine Box Turned Balcony-Sized Raised Bed Garden 5. No outdoor space at all? Take to the ceiling. 6. Combine greenery with your existing furniture. 7. Think small, with succulents. 8. An IKEA morkt lantern can become a planter. 9. Hang living herbs over the sink for easy access. 10. Or you can hang them on a board in mason jars. 11. Or plant as normal and keep them by the sink. 12. Mason jars make pretty planters in general. 13. A macramé hanger can hold a pot or a can. Or craft a Mason Jar Hanger 14. Also, these metal planters can hang from the ceiling. 15. These double ceiling-planters are awesome. 16. For a more low-maintenance option, go for air plants. 17. Try a zen garden. Music by Youtube Audio Library Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TVVertical Gardening Ideas, Green Walls17 Clever DIY Ideas To Make Garden Playground For The KidsIdeas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’50 Clever Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden – DIY Vertical Garden Projects

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    18 and 19 – I used recyclable materials such as old chocolate milk cartons and old light bulbs as a pot holder.

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    That's a great idea. Loved and Subbed.

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    I have done all of these and more for a fraction of the costs you are quoting here!

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    Can u pls advise what kind of plant can be planted indoor ?

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