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Facts vs talking points. Read more: Video Rating: / 5 A father discovers that his seven-year-old son is a chess prodigy. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningPresident Trump Proves Democrats Wrong Again With How He Just HUMILIATED Kim Jong unSFC: Changing Lives Through School GardensJudge Joe Brown On ‘Pizza,’ Fake News, Trump’s Black Agenda, Dylan Roof, Polygamy, & Juvenile Court”Adult Actress @RealCytherea GangRaped By 4 Black Thugs But Feminist & Liberals Say Nothing!Build Good Soil for Gardening : Benefits of Organic Matter in Soil

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  • Cassiel Aralim 10 months ago

    Next black president right there ^^

  • Jaslynne cute 10 months ago

    the chubby man is TRUE!!!

  • Sand Man 10 months ago

    Smart kid

  • Zachary Labarre 10 months ago

    This nigga is stupid

  • miguel santiago-davis 10 months ago

    I would be a prejudice too if some hood nights tear up my property when I rent to them too.

  • Sole Arevalo 10 months ago

    I love this kids love them so much. And the to the poor adult is so sad

  • Tetra Digm 10 months ago

    "how does yo peeerints feeel" nigga how DO your parents feel about you being a fucking retard incapable of speaking the language you grew up with? get the dick out ya mouth.

  • ShiggyHappyFun 10 months ago

    The white dude with the grillz talking about rap music tho lol

  • Ricky Chhakchhuak 10 months ago

    dude got Schooled by a 16 year old. wtf!!!!

  • Blacks are killing blacks in record numbers, and not a peep from blm. Obviously not all black lives matter to those racist idiots.
    black lies matter.

  • We have a winner for the moron of the year award. Congratulations to the blm idiot.
    I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I am amazed that people can be that stupid.

  • The country is divided because of the angry racist little tyrant known as obuma and his court of racist flunkies.

  • What a great video. It made my morning jut a little bit better. I love that kid, he freaking rocks. He is intelligent, confident, well spoken and does not take shit from anybody. And the idiot member of the black lies matter brigade just proves how stupid those people really are. President elect Trump is not racist. He does not want to send mexicans back to mexico. He wants to send ILLEGAL ALIENS back to their native country. It is time for all of you uneducated whining liberal loons to shut up and go home. The rest of us are sick of your bullshit.

  • jchristopher83 10 months ago

    your fat stomach is why we voted for Trump. its our time to eat

  • HellBound Gaming 10 months ago

    that guys abviously an idiot he has a blm shirt and pin also that gay flag pin

  • tqcplaya20 10 months ago

    how do you get killed 16 times? was he jason vorhees?

  • DaMonkey Spanker 10 months ago

    "they was kk members"

  • east ny's finest 10 months ago

    the shit here that gets to me is that the young black kid has more sense then this grin man wow. as for the muslims and mexicans he means the terrorist and there supporters and the Mexican here illegally this country was built on hate. lol the whole BLM movement is just about a bunch of blacks sick and fucking tired of the way we're treated here and how cops and other civilians can get away with killing unarmed blacks. like Treyvon Martin. people are just blowing the BLM protest out of line. have every right to be fucking upset here in a land they helped defend build and not only died on but died for but it's true all lives do matter but it does seem to me that must of the unarmed killings happen to be by white police officers unless your in a church minding your business and you get killed in a house of worship by some racist looney but hey what do I know lol

  • Hunter Rugsbe 10 months ago

    1:36 I love this guys reaction when these young kids tell him the difference between illegal and legal immigration. He looks like an AI that can't understand the statement! Does not compute! Watching people wrapped in emotion with no logic never gets old…