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Want to make that perfect burger patty right at home? Then these burger pressers will get the job done for you. 1. Spikomat Burger Press 2. Sirman Manual Burger Patty Press 3. Burger Stomper 4. Zyliss Burger Press 5. Andrew James 3 in 1 Burger Press 6. Kitchpro Stuffed Burger Press 7. Andrew James Burger Press 8. Lakeland Stuffed Burger Press 9. Perfect Burger Patty 10. Webstaurant Burger Patty Press 11. Progressive Perfect Burger Press 12. Weber Original Burger Press Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAesthetics of useful Terrace Vertical Gardening | Poovali | News7 TamilTop Roof Kitchen Gardening 1How To Setup Rooftop Kitchen Garden (Step By Step Instructions)miami marlins stadium roof opening.wmv It is official! The Miami Marlins have a new logo, new uniforms and most importantly… a new ballpark! We gotPopular Videos – Gardening & Kitchen garden2 – How To Setup Rooftop & Kitchen Garden Sept-12- 2016 (URDU/HINDI)

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  • Patty-O-Matic INC. 11 months ago

    If you want to see another really impressive patty press check out the cool units we have to offer on our channel.

  • mcandyg2009 11 months ago

    that Sirman burger press from Superior Food Machinery is Fantastic, saves loads of time.

  • Arianys Blanco 11 months ago

    How did I get here

  • GoalMaster 3158 11 months ago

    you showed two of the same ones

  • 솜이 TV 11 months ago

    한쿡인을 만나고 시프다ㅠ

  • Kido Katsuragi 11 months ago

    Useless junk. Use /dev/hands

  • Jasmire friend 11 months ago

    MY SONG NOW WHAT YOU DID IN THE DARK!! rest is in this song light em up↪"FALL OUT BOY" I'm packing up I gotta go now

  • Bill B. 11 months ago

    I use my hands. Seems to work just fine and a heck of a lot cheaper. ;)

  • maya& manda slime 11 months ago

    good indonesia

  • bambutu 11 months ago

    If you can't make a patty by hand then you have issues, of just lazy with too much money…

  • Stinky Nurry 11 months ago

    This makes me want to throw up

  • ian6752 11 months ago

    That meat is so rare i can still hear it moo!

  • That Pasta Girl 11 months ago

    Use dem bloody hands of yours

  • jon teves 11 months ago

    why am I not impressed

  • Emen Lol 11 months ago

    I like all these tools but for now I am going to stick with freezer patties. Thanks for these suggestions anyways!

  • luke cooney 11 months ago

    i have something we could all for making theses i mean we are born woth them hands

  • Silas Stephan Siqueira 11 months ago

    Translate by Google:I could not see what makes the burger "jump" has a mat underneath?

  • Silas Stephan Siqueira 11 months ago

    não consegui ver o que faz o hamburger "pular", tem uma esteira embaixo?