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Garden trellis is a great way to save your garden space that supports climbing vegetables,flowers and fruits plants to grow vertically and increase your yield per square feet.Apart from this it also help in protecting plants from pests. Building trellis is not so difficult;you can make your own diy trellis by using copper,bamboo, wooden poles and sticks, lumber, wire mesh, etc. 1: Super cheap trellis: If you wonder how to make a trellis, here is a simple yet effective type of a solution for you. You can now keep your plants the way you want, and that even without requiring any space, as such. Get some wooden stakes and look for nails with wooden ends. You need to form diamond frames with that, and one the base of each, attach pencils for support. The dull wood trellis does not appeal much, so spray paint it, and it is ready to be used in some pot, or attach in to the roof. 2: Simple backyard Cedar trellis: Get some cedar slabs and join them to form a robust frame structure. After that, make sure the wooden lattice that you have formed fix in this structure properly, otherwise you will have to spend time cutting it. Dug 4 inch in the ground (backyard) so that you can place the trellis and secure it. 3: Copper garden trellis: You must be thinking how to build a trellis with copper? Well, here is a quick guide for your knowledge, it is simple yet requires patience: Cut the thick (medium sized) copper tubes Use hammer to flatten the ends of the copper rods Use jigs so that you can keep the copper rods aligned, as it will form the basic structure. Your trellis is ready to be installed in the backyard. 4: Wall fixed trellis: […]

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