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  • dev bachu 3 weeks ago

    great guy I love gardening too

  • Gerald C 3 weeks ago

    All 70  of my 48" field wire 10' long PCV frame trellises are doing just fine build 20 + years ago. Trellis frame is 5' x 10'   3/4" pvc pipe with 6' T post between each to tie them up. Used for cucumbers, ( have to train them little boys sometimes) and snap beans. Experimented 1 year with tomatoes by putting tomatoes 3' apart in 100' row with these 5' x 10' trellis on each side of row 18" apart, most things were very good but when tomato bush get over 6' tall diameter of bush needs more support wider than trellis being 18" apart, so back to 28" x 48" cages now.

  • GOH BOMBA 3 weeks ago

    It is great info thank!

  • Lisa Snowfall 3 weeks ago

    Leave a chicken fence

  • erika evans 3 weeks ago

    how did you make your trellis?

  • WARPHEAD 3 weeks ago

    I had never heard of this until recently. It sure solves a lot of growing issues. I am making my trellis from bamboo. I have decided to angle the trellis as opposed to being totally vertical. My hope is that the vine and leaves will grow atop the trellis while the fruit, being heavier will dangle from the under side. This I hope will make harvesting much easier. Anyone who has ever tried this let me know how it did., Thanks

  • martysgarden 3 weeks ago

    Got mine strung up growing vertical on the patio!