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東京豊島区池袋の西武百貨店屋上の空中庭園にある2016年7月31日の「睡蓮の庭」です。 睡蓮の花はもちろん、漫画「ベルサイユのばら」にちなんだ薔薇も咲いています。 珍しい「アザレアツバキ」も見ることができました。 詳しくはこちらのアドレスから “Water Lily Garden” located on Kuthuteien of Seibu Ikebukuro Dept in Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan. I visited on July 31st,2016. I could see the flowers of Water Lilies and the Roses of La Rose de Versailles,too. I found the unique flower of Camellia changii in this garden. *この動画は私個人の趣味でおこなっているものです。 This is the private movie that I made in personal hobby. Photos & movie by my iPhone 6 Music : from YouTube Audio Library E’s Jammy Jams「Love Struck」 Related Posts睡蓮の庭 5月 西武池袋本店 Water Lily Garden Seibu Ikebukuro Dept May 8th 2016 : Movie by my iPhoneKIDS PLAYING WITH TOYS Playground in the garden with snow balls cars and toddlers FUN FOR KIDS MOVIEBaby Hazel Garden Party – Game Movie For Kids Children / In EnglishBaby Hazel Garden Party – Game Movie For Kids Children / In EnglishVegetables You Can Plant in Your Garden During JulyHannah Harvesting Vegetables From The Garden July 27 | Homestead Kids

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